Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero (APAC)

Think you’re growing too big for Xero? 

Think again. Learn how to scale with Xero with this CFO Techstack webinar series.

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Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero (APAC)


Take a look at the exciting agenda we have planned.


03:00 AM

Executing Complex HR & Payroll

Lachlan Baxter Jack Thiel Liam McNamara Anita Da Encarnacao

Jack Thiel, Lachlan Baxter, Liam McNamara & Anita Da Encarnacao


03:00 AM

Enhancing Multi-Entity Consolidations

Jack Thiel Mark Murray Mick Devine Tyler Caskey

Jack Thiel, Mick Devine, Tyler Caskey & Mark Murray


03:00 AM

Navigating & Optimising FX

Michelle Kvello Jack Thiel Daniel Jorgensen Ben Watiwat

Ben Watiwat, Jack Thiel, Michelle Kvello & Daniel Jorgensen


03:00 AM

Levelling Up Management Reporting

Jack Thiel Stian Horne Nathan Zhu Ryan Barnes

Ryan Barnes, Nathan Zhu, Jack Thiel & Stian Horne


03:00 AM

Managing Large-Scale Inventory

Rhys Roberts Matt Green Karen Wiggins Jack Thiel Emma Fisher

Matt Green, Rhys Roberts, Jack Thiel, Karen Wiggins & Emma Fisher


03:00 AM

Strengthening Financial Controls

Luke Potthoff Jack Thiel Justin Campbell Shaun Stubley

Justin Campbell, Luke Potthoff, Jack Thiel & Shaun Stubley


03:00 AM

Preparing Powerful Forecasts & Models

Michael Ford Michelle Kvello Jack Thiel James Rogalski

Jack Thiel, James Rogalski, Michael Ford & Michelle Kvello

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